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Learn to Ride!

So you are interested in learning how to ride? That's swell. To quote someone's signature from's forums: "Four wheels move the body, two wheels move the soul." Obviously I like that saying or I wouldn't have put it here on my webpage. :)

This beginning of this guide will be directed towards Georgia Residents in the United States. Things may vary differently for you so take that to heart if you are reading this guide and live elsewhere.

The Motorcycle Safety Foundation

DMV information about the MSF.
Cost: $250 for the Basic Rider Course & you get your license through it!
(Some states like Pennslyvania offer the course for free!)

There's some scary statistics out there versus accidents/fatalities vs self-taught motorcyclists and those who went through some sort of professional training, which is why dang near everyone recommends other riders to do the safety course.

GA DMV Motorcycle Operator's Handbook
This is what you study to gain access to a learner's permit.

I've provided two links on the very right hand side of this page to two books by David. L. Hough. Both of these books are totally awesome and very much worth the price. He covers motorcycling and also street scenariors, stories, and overall a little bit of physics on how motorcycles operate, etc. I'd recommend the two books to anyone who is wanting to immerse themselves in as much motorcycle knowledge as possible.

I would also highly encourage picking up a Clymer or Haynes service manual for whatever bike you end up purchasing. This way you can learn how to do pretty much anything with your bike, even if you are a beginner and haven't worked on cars or bikes in the future. I have a video on youtube on how to change the oil. A guy thanked me as the dealer was going to charge him $70.00 to change his oil. Don't throw your money away when you don't need to!

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